Testimonials are a great way for conscious pet parents to do their due diligence. Here are some of the things current and former clients have had to say about us! Have you you been to our office? Share your thoughts/experiences with us! Send them to [email protected]

Jim Buteyn

I started with Dr. Register before she opened East West Animal Hospital. My first impression was positive and lasting because of her common sense approach to keeping pets healthy. Two years ago I discovered lumps on the belly of my miniature schnauzer. This was just over a month before a scheduled vacation that had been planned for almost a year and Cuda was going on that vacation with us. He was also scheduled for some regular vaccinations that I wanted to make sure he had before we traveled. What really impressed me was her knowledge of the vaccinations as she explained how she would hold off on one of them until after surgery and when the lab confirmed that the tumors were negative. The reason was that the vaccination would cause the tumors to spread if they were positive. Fortunately, all turned out well.

Cindy Caroline

I don’t believe there is enough room here to say how grateful I am to have found Dr. Register. Our family came to her with a hard case and if it was not for her our dog would not still be with us. We have a 10 year old Rottie that has mouth cancer and we did not want to put him through the traditional treatment of surgery, chemo and radiation. We did not feel that it would be fair to him. When we brought him to Dr. Register, she had already reviewed all his records and had a preliminary plan of action ready to go. Dr. Register went in and took the mass out the best she could to give him some relief, and he is now on pain medicine and Chinese herbs to slow down the growth of the tumor and we changed his diet. Even though we only have a few more months with our precious dog, he is doing wonderfully! He is not in pain, he is able to eat and play with our other pets, and us. We could not ask for more. Dr. Register emails me at least every other day to get a “check in” report. If any issues arise I am able to call and either get it resolved then or they get back to me promptly. I receive calls from the staff, checking on how he is feeling. I like that Dr. Register is able to think outside the box and does not just use traditional medicine to help her patients. I also like that she is honest with you even when it is not good news, and does not do things that would not be right for your pet. She has the animals best interest in mind at all times. I recommend Dr. Register to everyone and anyone who needs a great veterinarian for their pets.

Ann Wilson

Finding the right care for your cherished companion can be as challenging as finding the right pediatrician for your child. You want someone you can trust and rely on. Someone who genuinely cares in addition to being a skilled professional. I have finally found that individual, Dr. Linda Register at East-West Animal Hospital. Not only did Dr. Register tend to my beloved companion, but saw him through his final moments demonstrating utmost care and concern for his comfort. I could not ask for more in a veterinarian, not only as a highly skilled clinician but as an empathetic human being. My praise and endorsement goes to her and her successful practice.

April Saland 

Since East-West Animal Hospital opened, I have had nothing but great experiences anytime I walk through the front door. The staff and doctors are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Bella and Rico are very happy that we have made the switch to EW Hospital! Thanks for all you do! — ok….update for our newest family member Cuzzie……she is going to have to have her tail amputated….she is very lucky to be alive. A very big THANK YOU to East West Animal Hospital. Doctor Linda Register is so AWESOME! Doctor Register is making sure that we can handle our newest baby! Thanks to Dennis and all of his employees!

Liane Caruso 

Dr. Register first diagnosed our special Dewey with Cushing’s disease. She consulted researched and began a strict regiment. Dr. R later moved on to other things and I continued to seek her advice while Dewey was being treated. My husband and I were ecstatic when we learned that she was using acupuncture, herbs and a special diet. Mr. Dewey Dog lived far beyond the life expectancy of one who had his disease. I owe everything to Dr. Register who always goes above and beyond in meeting the needs of her patients and their human family.

Dr. Register, I speak for Belle and Holly…Thank you for your loving care!

Syd’s mom 

We love all the staff here- out cats will always come here for care- this is THE BEST clinic for animals there is, period. -Jennifer Torres

Rebecca & Erika Shapiro 

Dr. Register and Staff, thank you so much for taking such awesome care of me and my siblings. We appreciate it so much and you all are just amazing! Love, Squeekers and McSqueekerton Crews.

Cindy Wright 

Dr. Register and Staff, Thank you so much for helping us. September of 2010 we lost our cat to cancer, you and your staff assisted us in our time of loss. When my daughter was ready for a new member to our family you were able to fill her need. Thank you all so much we will see you again later. Thank you all again.


Thank you for all your help and concern!


Thank you for taking such great care of Clancy, Beau and Zoey. Of course all the Springer Spaniel fosters who have passed through the Livesay household. Also for being understanding of Zoey with her bad manners of biting when her toe nails are being cut.