• Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Preventing Separation Anxiety in Dogs We are all creatures of habit. Many of us have a daily routine.  We get up in the morning, make and drink our coffee.  Get the kids ready to go school, take them to school.  Feed the pets, let the dog out. Etc.  Whatever…

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  • COVID-19 Update; Vet Hospitals Essential

    Why are Veterinary Hospitals Considered an Essential Business? As I write my second blog in 2 weeks during the COVID-19 era, and Governor DeSantis has issued a “Safer at Home” mandate.   It has been questioned “Why are veterinary services considered…

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  • Dr. Register’s COVID-19 Blog

    COVID-19 and the Effects on East West Animal Hospital and the Veterinary Community Dear Clients, As I write this we are in the early stages (1 week in) of dealing with COVID-19 in our area. We have already felt the effects in our hospital, veterinary community…

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  • Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pet

    Everyone gets excited in February when it’s Veterinary Dental month, but let’s face it, every month is Dental month. If you are waiting until February to have your pet’s dental performed there is a greater risk of disease entering their body from the dental…

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