Holiday Safety Tips

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Holiday Safety Tips

Keeping your furry family members safe during the holidays can be a difficult task.  Here are  some helpful holiday tips on how you can keep your pet safe this holiday season!!


Decorating Tips

  • Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs or cats.pointsettia If you use these plants to decorate your home, ensure they are kept in an area your pet cannot reach.
  • Edible tree decorations — whether they be ornaments, cranberry or popcorn strings, are like time bombs waiting to happen. These goodies are just too enticing and your pet will surely tug at them, knocking down your wonderfully decorated spruce.Cat Tree
  • Burning candles should be placed on high shelves or mantels, out of your pet’s way — there’s no telling where a wagging tail may end up. Homes with fireplaces should use screens to avoid accidental
  • To prevent any accidental electrocutions, ensure that any exposed indoor or outdoor wires are taped to the wall or the sides of the house.puppychirstmasbox
  • When gift wrapping, be sure to keep your in a separate room.
    Wrapping paper, string, plastic, or cloth could cause intestinal blockages. Scissors are another hazard, and they should be kept off floors or low tables.


Party Tips

  • sleepingdogIf you bring your pet to a party or festive event, ensure that you have provided him or her with a “safe” place that they can go to if they start to become overwhelmed. This might be a carrier, or a favorite blanked laid in an unused room. Be sure to include some of his or her toys so that they have some familiar items with them.
  • Beware of having alcoholic beverages where your pet can get to them. They may smell appealing to your pet, which could result in a trip to the vet.nobooze
  • Beware of decorations like streamers, balloons and noisemakers. Your pet may decide to try these party favors as an appetizer (they might not know the difference, and brightly colored items are always fun for humans and pets), resulting in choking and a trip to the vet, can ingest them.
  • An animal’s sense of hearing is much more sensitive than a human. Keep the noise level to a minimum, or find a way to shield your pet from the rowdier crowd.
  • Don’t take your pet to the local New Year’s Eve fireworks festivities. The sights and nofireworkssounds are typically too overwhelming for them. Make sure you stick with the usual routine as much as possible. If you must take your pet out travelling or away from home for an extended period of time, do try to recreate their schedule to the best of your ability.
  • Keep the remnants of dinner away from your pet. Turkey, pork and ham can make your pet very sick. Keep your pet separate from the party. Parties can cause excess stress, which could induce accidents, and less than positive behavior that can harm your pet and your belongings.