Everyone gets excited in February when it’s Veterinary Dental month, but let’s face it, every month is
Dental month. If you are waiting until February to have your pet’s dental performed there is a greater
risk of disease entering their body from the dental disease.

 Who looks forward to going to the dentist twice a year for cleanings?
 Who would like to be anesthetized when they have their teeth cleaned?
 Who thinks their pet would appreciate having their teeth cleaned without anesthesia?
 We do not believe anesthesia free is a Fear Free approach to dental health and neither does the
American Animal Hospital Association, American Veterinary Dental College, or the American
Veterinary Dental Society.
 Annual dental cleanings for our pet’s is equivalent to us seeing the dentist every 7 years!
Here is a great article that explains Dental Health that is applicable to both dogs and cats. Yes, our feline
friends need dental care too!
At EWAH we have options to help you provide preventative and wellness care for your pet’s. Visit our
website’s dental page https://eastwestanimalhospital.com/dental-care/ or give us a call to find out more!
www.eastwestanimalhospital.com 813-948-6534

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