Fleas have been a pest for humans and pets for eons, here is some interesting facts about fleas.


• Most common flea species infesting dogs and cats is the Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis).
• Once a female flea jumps on a pet it lays eggs within 24 hours and can lay up to
40 to 50 eggs/day.
• Eggs are laid in the hair coat of the pet.
– Eggs then roll out of the hair into the premises.
• Fleas typically stay on a host, they do not readily move from pet-to-pet.
– Fleas seen on people are usually fleas recently emerged from cocoons.


Flea Control Facts
• A flea infestation cannot be eliminated within a few days.
• Once treatment has begun it can take three to eight weeks (occasionally longer) before the flea infestation is eliminated.
– This is because the home and/or yard are infested with flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults emerging daily.
– Remember, the fleas you see on your pet today came from flea eggs laid three to eight weeks ago.

Medical Problems Caused by the Cat Flea
• Annoyance
• Anemia
• Disease Transmission
– Murine typhus, (Rickettsia typhi)
– Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonella hensalae)
• Intermediate host of parasites
– Dipetalonema reconditum, subcutaneous filarid nematode of dogs.
– Dipylidium caninum, the common double-pore tapeworm
• Flea Allergy Dermatitis “FAD” (dermatitis in dogs, cats and people)
– Fleas inject saliva while feeding which can cause an allergic reaction that often results