COVID-19 and the Effects on East West Animal Hospital and the Veterinary Community

Dear Clients,

As I write this we are in the early stages (1 week in) of dealing with COVID-19 in our area. We have already felt the effects in our hospital, veterinary community as a whole, and life in general.  As of this writing we are practicing social distancing, and have experienced many challenges in regards to caring for our patients.  Some essential supplies can not be obtained due to depletion.  I am not just talking about paper towels and surgical masks, but also peroxide, alcohol, surgical gloves and surgical gowns.  Other hurdles we have faced is limited pharmacy hours to call in prescriptions, difficulty in obtaining our supply shipments in the usual manner and having to rely more than ever on our online store.

The hardest thing about this unlike a hurricane is that this is an unknown/unseen adversary.  Anyone who has lived in Florida long enough and had to deal with a hurricane knows what to expect.  Prediction of land fall, what supplies to get, how much/many days worth to have on hand, and approximately how long for things before things get back to some semblance of normalcy.  Unfortunately, even as we recover there may be continued challenges.

As production focus have shifted in the private and medical sector, we will face more hurdles.  Currently we have cosmetic and liquor companies manufacturing hand sanitizer and alcohol, clothing companies making surgical masks, and pharmaceutical companies making anti-malaria and antiviral medications to treat patients infected with COVID-19

Some predicted roadblocks, are shortage of necessary supplies and medications, as ingredients are scarce or impossible to obtain and medications that are also used on the human side will be diverted for human patients instead of veterinary patients.  We may have to rely more on our online store, and we are looking into adding other social distant type services as then technology becomes available.

If your pet needs to be seen and you are concerned about the risk of infection, we will be offering curbside service.  Day stays with us always an option as well.

Please be assured that we are doing our best to make sure that your pet(s) receive the care and medications that are needed, as well as protecting you, and our staff from infection.  As we confront these challenges please be kind, patient and understanding.  As we as a profession and society face unprecedented challenges of this faceless enemy.

Linda Register, DVM, CVA, CVFT and the team at East West Animal Hospital.

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