Diet Recommendations for Healthy Pets


Feeding your pets a well balanced diet is one of the best things we can do for him/her.  It will help keep them healthy and prevent various medical problems.  Feeding your pet unprocessed food (balanced homemade or raw diet) is the best, because processing degrades the important nutrients in the food.  Even though this is ideal, many of us don’t have the time prepare these diets for our pets.


We recommend the following holistic brands of pet food

     Acana                Nature’s Variety                     Sojos

     Honest Kitchen  Wellness                                Stella and Chewy’s

     Orijen                Natures Logic                         Lotus

     ]Halo                 Solid Gold                              Nutra Source

Choose the appropriate formula for the stage of your pet’s life (puppy, kitten, Adult, Senior)


These foods can be purchased at many specialty pet stores or online.  Please be aware that there are MANY brands of pet food, holistic and otherwise.  Including new companies and brands of food coming on the market everyday.  If you decide to go with a different brand we recommend that the pet food you choose DOES NOT contain any of the following

Grains including, Corn, Wheat, rice

Animal/organ digest


BHA/BHT, ethoxyquin or other artificial preservatives

Artificial colors

Propylene glycol


Animal & Fish meal should be kept to a minimum (not the first 5 ingredients)- this is unavoidable if feeding a kibble.  Grains, carbohydrates should not be within the first 5 ingredients on the list.


For cats the food should NOT contain any grains or carbohydrates (potatoes, tapioca, cassava), due to their carnivorous requirements.


If you want to cook for your pet we have recipes available and will be happy to assist you.


If you are changing your pet’s diet, make a gradual change over a 1-2 week time frame, if you are going from a prepared diet to a prepared diet.


Please inform us of any changes in your pet’s health such as obesity, ear infections, allergies, etc. this may require diet modification.  We recommend keeping a food journal of any diet changes.  So if you pet develops problems we can help to isolate the causative agent.


This is a list of best to worst foods derived by holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker.  Please feel free to discuss with us why certain diets have the designated place on the list.



  1.  Balanced raw homemade diet
  2. Commercial raw food diet
  3. Cooked balanced diet
  4. Human grade can food (probably the most expensive)
  5. Human grade dry food
  6. Super premium can food (from big box stores petsmart/petco)
  7. Super premium dry food
  8. Veterinary recommended can food (prescription food, Science Diet, Royal Canin)
  9. Veterinary recommended dry food
  10. Grocery store can food
  11. Grocery store dry food
  12. Semi moist food- come in pouches- contain propylene glycol
  13. Unbalance homemade diet



If you want to compare your foods- there is one available for dog food.


IF you are interested in homemade diets please discuss this with us- we are working on a supplemental hand out to address this.