Chinese Herb Principles


  1. What forms doe the Chinese herbs come in?
    1. All Chinese herbs come in capsule & powder form. In some cases they are available in teapill form (size of a BB).
    2. In most cases capsules are prescribed first. If you dog eats the opened capsules in with food or a treat then the powder form can be ordered the next time.  It is easier to open the capsules & mix in with food, than to put the powder into the capsules.
    3. For cats- the herbs can be mixed with water at the time of administration. But, it can not be mixed to make it more concentrated.  The herbs become thick over time, and impossible to administer.
    4. For exotics and pocket pets- the herbs are usually mixed with water, honey for flavor. They are mixed to a more manageable volume for administration.
  2. Why do I have to see the Dr. so often to refill the herb formulas for my dog/cat?
    1. Unlike in Western Medicine- where if a patient has a certain problem you prescribe a certain medicine. In Chinese medicine- a prescription is based on pattern based on tongue and pulse diagnosis.
  3. How do I get the herbs?
    1. We only carry a small supply of herbs in office. There are so many herb formulas available that many would expired before they are used.  So to assure that you have the best quality available, we email the Rx for the herbs to the Chi Institute.  All you have to do is call the Chi Institute at 1-800-891-1986.  You give them your address and credit card # & they ship it to you.  To save on shipping costs have it shipped UPS ground, we are in the same zone as the Chi Institute so your order will often arrive the next day,
  4. How are Chinese herbs different from other herbs?
    1. Chinese herbs are actually a combination of herbs. There are classic herb formulas (which are ancient herb formulas) such as Yunnan Bai Yao for bleeding, as well as herb formulas that are only available from Chi.  All of the formulas are a mixture of herbs to treat certain patterns.  There can be anywhere from 2-30 different herbs in one formula.
  5. What are the side effects of the herbs?
    1. The main side effects can be vomiting &/or diarrhea. That is why we start with one formula, start low and work up over several days.   Then if multiple herbs are prescribed, start with one herb, work up to full dosage before adding the next herb.
    2. If vomiting or diarrhea occur- please give us a call.
  6. My dog/cat use to go to another doctor for acupuncture- why do you use a different brand of herbs than my last doctor?
    1. There are several reputable Chinese herbal companies. Each doctor uses what they feel comfortable with, and/or trained to use.  What works in one doctor’s hands may not work for another doctor.  I personally use the Chi herbs- partially because they can be shipped to you over night.  This is also the herbs that I feel most comfortable with.