Cats Need Routine Wellness Care
Prevention is the best medicine

Recent studies indicate that over 70% of household cats do not visit the veterinarian on a regular basis. Most owners say, “the cat seems fine” or “my cat stays indoors”.  Even indoor cats get sick; being an indoor cat will not suffice to ensure a long and healthy life for your cat.
A 4 year old, female spayed indoor cat, belonging to one of our staff, has been properly cared for and fed a healthy diet of Blue Buffalo pet food. Upon annual exam it was found that this seemingly “healthy” cat had Pancreatitis. This illness, if left untreated can cause Diabetes and even death. Without this yearly exam, this cat may have died within a short period of time.
It has been found that many male cats develop urinary crystals which cause difficulty urinating and “accidents” outside the box. Because we as pet owners don’t tend to watch our cats urinate as we do our dogs, this difficulty with release is often missed. If detected early, a diet change may be all that is needed to prevent bladder stones. Annual urinalysis can be an early detection tool that can save hundreds avoiding Cystotomy surgery.
East-West now offers FREE “cat travel packs” for transportation ease, these kits are available in the hospital retail area.  If you are still worried your baby won’t travel well, a home visit can be arranged.

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