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    • FEBRUARY 3, 2019
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    Hills Recalling Dog Canned Food

    Hills Announced a recall of WET food for elevated levels of Vitamin D.  Below is the text of the recall and a link to the full SKUs that are affected.  Please do not hesitate to contact East-West Animal Hospital  or an emergency clinic like TBVES at (813) 265-4043 or Blue Pearl Partners at (813) 933-8944 if your

    • DECEMBER 15, 2018
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    Cat Friendly Festivities

         Cat Friendly Festivities The holiday season is a fun time, full of family and friends, good food, and festivities. It can also be stressful, with too many activities, family feuds, and failed expectations. So how do you make holidays less stressful for sensitive, furry family members?  Here are some tips, and who knows? They may

    • JANUARY 17, 2018
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    Welcome to our new website!

    Its a New Year and a New Look! We’ve decided to take 2019 to refresh and rejuvinate our website! Take a look around and let us know what you think! We’re