Appointment Information for East-West Animal Hospital

Scheduled Appointment:

These are booked on the phone or through the App with us usually with a weeks advanced notice. We primarily schedule annual exams, vaccinations, TVCM and Follow-up appointments in this fashion.  It is best to try to arrive 10 minutes EARLY for this type of Appointment . Here is our Appointment Policy to ensure a positive experience for you and your pet.

Day Stay:

These are appointments where the procedure can be done anytime during the day. You can admit your pet to spend the day with us and a doctor can look at your pet during non-appointment time. This is a great alternative for those who work during the day. We like to have pet’s admitted between 8:00am-11:00am (12:15pm to 2:00pm Wednesday) and will be ready for discharge from 4:00-6:00pm.  This is also a great option if your pet needs to be observed for odd or strange behavior throughout the day.

Same Day Appointment:

This appointment can be scheduled either that day or for the next day. These appointments are NOT considered emergencies. Most of the time, these appointments are for unplanned events that need to be seen soon but are not life threatening. Limping, coughing and not eating are some common causes for this type of appointment.

Walk In Emergency:

If your pet is experiencing a life threatening emergency during business hours, we recommend you call us first to let us know that you’re on your way. This will help us be prepared when you walk in the door. Please be advised that there is a non-schedule emergency exam fee.

East-West Animal Hospital

A country is judged on how it treats its animals

— Ghandi

Pre-Appointment Information

Visit check list:

  • Make an appointment.

    • Call us (813)948.6534 to schedule an appointment

    • Or use Our App

  • For Your First Visit Contact your previous vet to obtain medical records and vaccine history.

    • They can email team@ewahfl.com or fax 813.929.3355 the medical records to you or directly to us. This will also reduce your wait time before/during your appointment

  • Email us your previous medical records.

    • You can email us your previous medical records and also remember to send your vaccine due dates as well.

  • If you are coming in specifically for a behavior appointment, please fill out the appropriate form(s) and email them to us before your appointment. This will help the doctor familiarize themselves with the case.

  • Bring in a fecal sample.

    • Sometimes your pet is due for one and this will help us from having to retrieve a sample and will lessen the pet’s stress. This is also a good idea if your pet is having loose bowel movements or bowel issues. We do have a fecal container available to make it an easier process.

  • The most common question we ask that no one seems to have the answer to is, “What diet is your pet on?”

    • Before you come in, take a picture with your phone of the food you feed your pet. Then we can make a note of it in their chart for future reference.

  • Another thing to do is bring in your pet’s medication/supplements or take a picture of them . This way our doctors will know exactly what your pet is currently on and how often to see if any changes need to be made.

  • Last, but not least, please bring your pet.  See tips for Fear Free here.  All dogs should be a on tight leash. Cats should be secured in a carrier. If your pet is aggressive or coughing/sneezing, please call us from your car in the parking lot and we can arrange to bring you and your pet in a different entrance from healthy animals.

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