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• What is a Petly Page?

Petly is a secure personal health page for pets that gives pet owners direct access to their pet’s health records 24/7. Petly is offered to all ACTIVE clients who have an active email address at the practice.

• How does a Pet Owner get a Petly Page?

The Pet Owner shares their email with the practice, and if their pet has had a visit with you within the select transaction time in your PHNPro Petly Page Settings, the pet owner will receive an email invitation to activate their personal Petly Page. Pet Owners will receive their email invitation within 24 hours after a finalized invoice.

• What if you forget a  Petly Page password?
A pet owner can go to www.petly.com as they normally would, and on the login screen they need to click on the “forgot my password” link. This will send an email with a link to reset their password.

• What at the benefits of having a Petly Page?

Petly is a great way for pet owners to view their pet’s health records, anytime, plus they can easily connect with the practice at their convenience.

Petly offers many features to help keep track of your pet’s health needs and shares informative articles on the latest trends in pet health.

• View Pet’s Visit History at the Practice • View Upcoming Appointment Information

• Request Appointments & Prescription Refills • Sign-up to for Appointment Reminder Text Messages

• Update the practice on any changes to Address & Phone information

• View Recent Facebook Posts!

• Manage Email Preferences

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