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East-West Animal Hospital is bringing a different look to veterinary medicine for residents of Pasco and Northern Hillsborough County.  Our methodologies combine eastern and conventional western care for both emergency and preventative care.  Doctor Linda Register has been a veterinarian in the area for over 18 years.  The doctor and her compassionate staff treat their patient’s as their own and are passionate about maintaining your pet’s health.  They demonstrate their passion through forward thinking protocols and modified vaccination schedule (dog shots, cat shots).


Now offering Preventive Care Plans

Taking care of your pet has never been more convenient or affordable! These plans are now powered by TruePet and made possible through our partnership with Idexx Laboratories.

Our Preventative Care Plans provide discounted preventive veterinary services; these packaged plans save you money on routine care that your pet needs to stay healthy. They are affordable, transparent, and easy. Preventative Care Plans offer discounts that average savings of up to several hundred dollars per year!

Dental Care

Both home and regular professional care are required for the most successful dental program. We recommend professional dental scaling and polish under anesthesia. Disease below the gum line results from plaque accumulation and years of improper oral hygiene.  Anesthesia free dentistry is cosmetic only, hiding the true disease that exists below the gum line.  Professional dental care from a caring veterinarian who has been properly trained to perform safe dental cleaning, proper oral health evaluation, dental probing and x-rays under anesthesia is recommended.

Call us to learn more about routine dental care and our affordable Dental Packages!

We offer alternative therapies such as Acupuncture

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves strategic selection of points along the body which are physically manipulated, stimulated by fine needle skin penetration and/or by electrical activation and/or fluid injection.

Prevention, maintenance and intervention are key elements to promoting overall wellness.  Chinese and western medicines are not substitutes for one another, but they are complimentary.  As an integrative approach to medicine, acupuncture can be used in conjunction with traditional western medicine.