12 Days of Deals

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The Holidays are here and we all love a good deal! Come in the 12 days before Christmas and take advantage of these great deals!


12 Days of Deals!!!

Happy Howl-idays!! To celebrate this holiday season we will be offering 12 special deals leading up to Christmas Day. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to take advantage of these deals or stop in for our BOGO’s!! earcleaner

Day 1 – December 9th– BOGO Ear Cleaner
Day 2– December 10th – Grooming Bundle $30 (nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression)

Day 3– December 11th- All In-House Bloodwork 10% Off**

Day 4shampoo December 14th- BOGO Shampoo

Day 5– December 15th- All rabies vaccines $5 off*

Day 6- December 16th– $10 off 6 month supply of Nexguard*nexguard

Day 7- December 17th– $10 off Heartworm test with 6 months Heartworm Prevention

Day 8– December 18th– Buy 6 get 1 Free Advantage

Day 9– December 21st– ½ Off Enrollment Fee on ALL Wellness Plans

frontlineDay 10– December 22nd– BOGO Frontline

Day 11– December 23rd – Free Nail Trim with Exam

Day 12- December 24th – NO Enrollment Fee on ALL Wellness Plan



*Exam Required

**Exam Required within last 3 months